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Double Tees

The ideal solution for large floor spans

Double Tee is a large, prestressed precast concrete unit which, with the addition of an in situ topping, forms a structural suspended floor suitable for use in most types of buildings. They are an excellent choice for car-parks and supermarkets where large, column-free spaces are required.

The Double Tee system’s large unit and span size results in faster construction times. The units require no temporary propping and once in place provide an immediate working platform. The large span can also simplify the floor support system, and when used with the Stahlton Shell Beam, gives further economic and time savings.

The Stahlton Double Tee, up to 550mm deep, has parallel sided 200 mm wide webs for superior fire rating and durability performance if required.

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Zeus – Our latest flange support hanger

Zeus is a Stahlton flange support hanger that doubles as a 7 tonne SWL lifter. Tested using the “Jensen” Protocol, Zeus is a robust and economic solution when supporting Stahlton products where depth above supporting beams is critical and eliminates formwork between ribs or legs for the contractor.

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Double Tee units are typically 200mm – 550mm deep, and available up to 2.4m wide. Contact Stahlton for more information.

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