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Stahlton Engineered Concrete was established in New Zealand in the 1960’s, trading under the name Amalgamated Brick & Pipe Ltd, supplying pre-stressed ribs under a Swiss licence which was branded Stahlton (German translation: Stahl = steel, ton = clay)

Precast concrete factories operated in Balclutha, Dunedin since the 1980s and then later in Christchurch. Pre-stressed flooring products were manufactured under the Stahlton licence. These factories also manufactured more complex structural precast and architectural precast.

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In 2007, Stahlton purchased the Pre-Cast Components (PCC) plants in Otaki and Hamilton. PCC was a well-established precast and prestressed concrete manufacturer, and a welcome addition to Stahlton.

Later that year, Stahlton purchased five Stresscrete plants in Cromwell, Christchurch, Bulls, New Plymouth and Tauranga. With the purchase of these plants came a wealth of experience personnel and technical knowledge.

As Stahlton grew to become the major prestress and precast supplier in New Zealand, the company was united under the brand Stahlton Engineered Concrete.

Market tightening between 2011 to 2013 resulted in closing the Dunedin, Tauranga and Bulls factories and the sale of Balclutha, Cromwell, New Plymouth and Hamilton factories. We currently have 3 factories in Auckland, Otaki (Transpower Octagonal Poles only) and Christchurch which delivers Stahlton products throughout New Zealand.

In 2021 Nauhria Group purchased the Prestressed flooring business from Fulton Hogan retaining the Stahlton brand and updating the brand to Stahlton Prestressed Limited. Manufacturing equiptment was relocated and upgraded into new purpose built faciltiies located in South Auckland only. The acquisition enahnces the Nauhria group offering to include prestressed flooring products to their leading product offering.

The acquisition sees Fulton Hogan retain other Bridge beams and Infrastructure products under the Fulton Hogan brand.

In its 62 years of existence, Stahlton has continued to be one of the leading suppliers of flooring components throughout New Zealand. We are proud of our biggest asset, our people, who are passionate to the precast concrete industry and have vast experience and solution focused technical knowledge.

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