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Here are some of the recent projects that Stahlton has been a part of:


Bridge beams WEBBridge beams and civil work

Christchurch Southern Motorway
Value: NZ$3M
Supplied 1,225mm Super Tees, 650mm and 900mm Double Hollowcores to Fulton Hogan

Lincoln Road Interchange, Auckland
Value: NZ$4M
Supplied 1,225mm Super Tees, Precase concrete retaining walls and barriers to Fulton Hogan

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Kohimarama Water Storage Tank, Auckland
Value: NZ$1M
Supplied 17m high precast concrete wall panels as well as prestressed Single Tees for the roof to Fulton Hogan

Westmorland Reservoir, Christchurch
Value: NZ$125,000
Supplied pre-stressed wall panels, 100mm Stahlton Flatslab roof and columns & beams to Fulton Hogan

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20160315_075654Power Poles

Transpower NZ Octagonal poles
Supplied since 1990

Mainpower I-poles
Supplied in Rangiora for Waimakariri & Hurunui districts

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Sugartree Apartments, Auckland
Value: NZ$725,000
Supplied Stahlton Flatslab and Double Tee flooring to Kalmar Construction

Christchurch Airport Car Park & Terminal Building
Value: NZ$3M
Supplied Stahlton Hollowcore and Flatslab flooring as well as beams to Hawkins Construction

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Untitled-26 (2)Residential

743 Riddell Rd
Value: NZ$105,000
Supplied Stahlton Shell Beams, Rib & in-fill floors as well as prestressed beams to Latham Construction

Smirnoff House, Diamond Harbour
Value: NZ$19,500
Supplied Stahlton Rib and In-fill flooring, stair and precast beams to Placemakers Antigua

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20160401_114318 (3)Rural bridges

Okain’s Bay Bridge, Banks Peninsula
Value: NZ$74,000
Fulton Hogan Civil & Stahlton provided the complete design build package replacing the old timber bridge in 5 days. 14m long double tee deck on precast concrete abutments behind the existing.

Tai Tapu Footbridge, Christchurch
Value: NZ$70,000
Fulton Hogan and Stahlton provided the complete design-build package for a new bridge in 10 days. 18m long single double tee deck on in-situ concrete abutments.

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