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About Us

At Stahlton, we pride ourselves on providing our customers high quality precast and prestressed products and services.

We achieve this through operating together with our Sister Company ~ Nauhria Precast Limited who are certified ISO9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

located in South Auckland, Stahlton products are well placed to service and resource your project needs.

With over 64 years’ experience in Australasia, Stahlton products have been designed and developed to satisfy the demands of New Zealand’s construction industry.

At Stahlton we are committed to the ongoing research and development, supported by our highly skilled technical team. A team passionate about the success of your project, and who pride themselves on providing quality, safety-driven products and services.

Our versatility and ability to work collaboratively with our clients on any project has helped us grow into one of Australasia’s most trusted civil contractors and manufacturers of precast concrete products.

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