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Rib & In-fill

Concrete and timber for a versatile suspended flooring system

Stahlton’s Rib and In-fill flooring system incorporates pre-stressed concrete ribs, permanent formwork and an in situ concrete topping to give an extremely lightweight and versatile suspended floor. This system is an economical alternative to timber floors while achieving good sound transmission and fire ratings. It has been used in residential and some commercial projects since the 1960’s.

The Rib and in-fill system is particularly suited to fit complex geometrically shaped foot prints of residential and commercial projects.They can easily be made to suit irregular shapes and angles, to provide adjustment to the module to trim openings or areas of higher loads, or to accommodate penetrations. The in-fills provide an excellent space for fixing services such as electrical wiring, lights, plumbing and ceilings hangers.

The Stahlton Engineered Concrete Rib and in-fill system is easy to transport and has been used extensively throughout Australasia. Stahlton’s Ribs are typically placed at a 900mm module and comes 25mm depth increments from 100mm to 300mm deep. Temporary propping is normally required.

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Rib and Infill flooring units are available in unit depths of 100mm – 300mm deep throughout New Zealand.

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