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Prestressed Concrete Flooring Solutions

Aug 2022 : Stahlton Prestressed establishing dedicated Sth Auckland Site

We are pleased to announce that Stahlton Prestressed concrete are currently setting up their new Pre-stress plant and equipment within a dedicated South Auckland Factory.

Full internal production will allow year-round / all-weather manufacturing of the Stahlton Prestressed Rib-beams. Flat-slabs and Double-tee concrete flooring products.

Quoting and estimating is now open and invited for your project, Please send your requests and drawing information to [email protected]

For detailed product information ensure to checkout our products page full of helpful product specification and engineering information.

Nov 2021 : Nauhria Group Acquires Stahlton Prestressed Flooring Products

Welcome: Stahlton Prestressed Concrete Ltd

Nauhria Group will be operating Stahlton as a separate company under the name, Stahlton Prestressed Concrete Ltd,

Following the acquisition on 1st November 2020, The prestressed flooring operations will be relocated and upgraded into Nauhria groups’s new purpose-built Precast Factory located in Papakura.

Production Recommissioning is expected to be completed and available for product casting from mid 2022.

During this period we are happy to discuss any future project enquiries you may have.

These may be sent to [email protected]


Historical Enquiries

All enquiries relating to stahlton projects prior to 1st November 2021 will continue to be serviced and supported by Fulton Hogan NZ.

Please Contact: [email protected]