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Shell Beams

A quick and efficient framework system

If you are looking for a quick and efficient framework system, the Stahlton Shell Beam is the solution for you. Shell beams are commonly used with Stahlton precast floor systems to streamline building programs and reduce on-site labour. Pre-stressed shell beam units, with the addition of a reinforcing cage and on-site concrete, form a structural beam with clean steel formed appearance.

When completed, the steel mould surfaces are tidy and suitable for receiving further treatment such as paint or textured spray. Shell beams are suitable for movement resisting frames in seismic regions. The units are pre-stressed in conjunction with conventional reinforcing for maximum efficiency of the shell beam units.

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CAD drawing library

Shell beam leg heights can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements to a maximum of 600mm in height.

Shell Beams 0.4m .dwg

Shell Beams 0.4m .pdf

Shell Beams 0.6m .dwg

Shell Beams 0.6m .pdf