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Prestressed Concrete Poles

The economic, durable solution for power lines


Stahlton I-pole

Octagonal poles

Stahlton Octagonal Poles









When it comes to durability and structural integrity, prestressed concrete are the solid solution for power poles. Stahlton design and manufacture hollow octagonal prestressed concrete power poles as well as prestressed I-poles. We can also design and manufacture poles to meet your needs and transport it to any location throughout Australasia.

Pre-stressed concrete power poles are well proven to survive the test of time. Our octagonal poles are fire and lightning resistant. Prestressed concrete is the environmentally friendly option as concrete poles do not require the use of precious hardwood trees.

Our poles are manufactured to length in steel moulds with pins to form holes for cross-arm bolts, braces, bolting on transformers, gantries and camera brackets. Earthing ferrules are cast in our poles along with other inserts for connecting, step bolts, cabling or other hardware as required. Internal earthing makes the erection and future maintenance of these poles safer.


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