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The light and economical solution for your flooring needs

Hollowcore is ideal for long unpropped spans which are subjected to uniformly distributed loads. It is used extensively in commercial buildings around the world. Hollowcore is manufactured using high strength concrete which is processed through a unique machine that extrudes the Hollowcore profile onto a steel bed. This specialised manufacturing process allows the product to be cut to any length within its capacity, making Hollowcore economical, quick to produce and flexible to use.

Stahlton’s Hollowcore is 1,200mm wide and comes in 200, 300 and 400mm thickness. Hollowcore can be used either as a solid floor or “spaced” to provide an even more economical flooring solution.

Learn more about the Stahlton Hollowcore 
Read the Safe Operating Procedure on the use of timber infills applicable for the spaced hollowcore option


New Stahlton “Fibre-core”

In recent years, through research and perceptions among designers, much has been learnt and developed by our designers to improve the shear performance of Stahlton Hollowcore products. Stahlton now offers galvanised steel fibres cast in our Hollowcore units to prevent web shear cracking in highly pre-stressed units as well as provide 20% added shear capacity to the bare unit. To learn more, read the report by the University of Canterbury Quake Centre.


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Hollowcore units are available in depths of 200mm – 400mm. They are machine formed hollow 1.2m wide slabs. We currently produce Hollowcore in our Christchurch branch.