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Rural Bridges

Precast bridge systems delivered to your doorstep

Stahlton offers economic rural bridge systems to suit various spans, loadings and site conditions. Our Flatslab or Double Tee deck units can be connected to abutments and piers that are either precast concrete manufactured by us, cast in-situ or pre-existing.

Pre-stressed Concrete bridges are well proven to survive the test of time in the harshest of environments. Their large unit size means faster construction times. The bridge deck units provides an immediate working platform once in place as they do not require temporary propping or works.

We use high-strength concrete for our systems, which means accelerated curing times, allowing the bridges to be used just a few days after it is completed. Our pre-cast systems also eliminates the need for ready-mix concrete to be delivered to remote sites, eliminating any potential environmental hazards.

Irrigator bridgeOur bridge elements are manufactured to length in moulds which give a smooth finish to the underside and light broom finish providing grip for vehicles or an asphalt layer if required.

Pivot irrigator bridges

We offer economic Pivot Irrigator Bridge Systems manufactured from our Stahlton Hollowcore to suit various spans.

The 1.2m wide Stahlton Hollowcore units land each end on a minimum of 500mm of even solid ground bearing.

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