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Bridge Beams

Economic and durable bridge systems

Stahlton offers economic bridge systems to suit a variety of spans, loadings and site conditions. Our Super-tee and Single or Double Hollowcore elements are manufactured to length in moulds, which give a smooth and light broom top finish, providing grip for vehicles, topping concrete or an asphalt layer if required.

Pre-stressed concrete bridges are well proven to survive the test of time in the harshest of environments. The bridge deck units do not require temporary propping or works and once in place provide an immediate working platform. Our products are made of high strength concrete and has an accelerated curing time, meaning that the bridge can be used just a few days after it is manufactured.

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Double Hollowcore beams are typically 450mm – 900mm deep and 1.145m wide. Super-Tee bridge beams are typically 775mm-1525mm deep and available up to 2.4m wide.